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This month on POI Magazine we have seen a lot of caliber review articles, these articles come from experienced shooters who have slightly different philosophies of use for them, but all give you an idea of how capable they are. Brian Sowerby who works as a professional pest controller gives his thoughts on the 22 Hornet caliber, predator hunter Kevin Beckner gives his thoughts on the 17 Remington Fireball and long range varminting extraordinaire Si Snipe from YouTube gives us his thoughts on the Fireball’s brother, the 17 Remington.
We also have a great piece on stalking the elusive muntjac deer in the UK. POI Aussie admin Roger Lewis tells us about his dream rifle, that has become a reality in the form of a Merkel Helix in 9.3x62 Mauser calibre which he will use as his go to hunting rifle for bigger game in the Australian bush.


Muntjac deer

Photo 3

Merkel Helix, Roger's dream rifle made reality

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