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I'd like to start by welcoming all our members, I don't think I have gotten around to doing that yet. It's great to bring shooters together from all over the world to a common place where we can share out stories and keep people updated on our individual progress on our individual shooting journeys. Point of Impact Social is that place and we now have some sales groups to give buyers and sellers a place to communicate and arrange for the sale/purchase of items in accordance with the two parties' respective laws. So come check it out and bring your friends!


This edition of the news letter is sponsored by Case Prep Services, a UK based company who sell reloading equipment and provide case prep services, such as cleaning, sizing, trimming etc. They have kindly donated a Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit as a competition prize for 1st place, as well as a free voucher code for a service on 100 brass cases for the second place winner. The competition is simple to enter and doesn't take long at all, you just have to post a picture in POI Reloading Room on POI Social and add the caption 'Case Prep Services Comp', good luck guys and click the banner below for Case Prep Services if you are interested in reloading equipment and case prep services, they have some great offers on at the moment.



What's new on POI? Well, we have a number of new articles including my article for my fellow beginner reloaders who might be interested to see how I do things. The article is just a walk through of what products I have been using and how I do it, I absolutely do not claim to be an expert; the aim of the article is to make reloading seem less complicated and intimidating to new and prospective reloaders.


Declan Mouland, avid foxer and deer stalker gives you a detailed review of the Swarovski Z6 optic including how it performs in the field, those of you of a more modest budget in scopes may with to take a look at MRAD Paul's review of the Falcon Optics M14, there will be a lt more scope reviews coming in 2016, we have no affiliation with the manufacturers, so they are genuine reviews of the kit that people own.


Connor Cross, air gun hunter and game cooking enthusiast has written several pieces including the very popular 'The Bare Necessities of Stalking Rabbits with Air Rifles' and 'Air Rifle Hunter's Kit Bag Basics', Connor's articles are aimed at those just getting in to pest control using air rifles.


Jonny Ellsmore writes about his beloved CZ 452 and 455 rimfires and why they are such excellent value for money. This article is aimed at anyone in the market for a new bolt action rimfire or someone looking to buy their first rimfire. The positives and negatives are outlined along with the customisation options available to CZ shooters.


Coming soon: Tikka T3 Lite .243 Review, NiteSite Eagle Review, Long Range Rimfire Hunting, Air Rifle Ballistics for Beginners, .22 WMR, a Calibre Review and The Ultimate Target Gong.


How you can help....



We are always looking for interesting and stimulating content, and we are happy to have articles sent in for consideration, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your articles or suggestions for articles. The website is slowly starting to make income via advertising banners etcetera and 50% of this revenue will go to prolific authors with popular content. The advertising revenue also helps to pay for running costs of the website to allow us to keep bringing you the content.


We will be bringing you so much more content and competitions when the momentum really gets going. In the mean time there are 3 ways that you can make a huge difference towards our vision being realised.


1. Share this e-mail with anyone you know, or, if you liked an article, share a link on social media with others

2. Navigate to Amazon to buy things using our banners, if you buy a $1200 TV, it would get POI between $48 and $96 without costing you anymore, or a $7 ammo box would earn $0.28-0.56, every little helps :)

3. Share Point of Impact Social with people you know in the shooting community who are tired of Facebook and their anti gun/anti hunting stance. POI Social is run for shooters and hunters by people with the same passion


Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy the eMagazine and POI Social, this is only the start, so much more to come! Feel free to give any feedback or suggestions via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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