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The social network aspect of Point of Impact is now LIVE, we need you guys to please encourage your friends to sign up and get involved. It allows for more functionality than Facebook does, facilitates discussion much better and it is customizable to our audience. We can act on your feedback to develop it further, but bear with us initially as we are inevitably going to experience teething problems. We will not charge you for our e-magazine or discussion services, but we simply ask that you share the website as much as you can please.

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The Point of Impact website launched in December 2015 officially and we have amassed a few great articles for the members to read and enjoy. We have an article from eminent vermin sniper Mark Ripley who uses his mastery of ballistics in partnership with his custom .260 Remington to destroy varmints out to a thousand yards! The article One Yard at a Time is aimed at the shooter who is looking to venture in to the world of long range shooting and serves as an introduction, Mark will follow up this with more in depth pieces on each of the elements.


Other articles include:

Ty Wilson’s Ode to a 12 Gauge, a salute to the famous 12 gauge shotgun putting forward an excellent argument for why it is the most versatile firearm you can own.

MRAD Paul’s Falcon M14 review, Paul does an in depth review of a mid-range optic that he champions as being the ultimate in value for money for the distance shooter.

Pat Burrell has written an excellent piece called A Brief History of the .22 Rimfire Cartridge. Pat gives you a quick look in to where the humble .22 Long Rifle and its sister cartridges came from.

Member Shane Epperson has written us an excellent account of a long range elk hunting excursion called Long Range Elk. This is a gripping account of what sounds like a rather epic hunt, with the shot being taken at 890 yards in the Idaho wilderness.

Scottish Highland game keeper and founder of Deer Stalkers International Jamie Sawyer has contributed an excellent article about taking a last day of the season red deer cull stag. Jamie takes you to the Highlands of Scotland and really makes you feel like you are there beside him on hunt.

For those of you who like a bit of DIY, we have 2 articles, one from Isaac Carlson who takes a $50 beaten up Springfield .22 and gives it a new lease of life and the other from Barrie Baynham who has made himself a beautiful custom stock for his Savage 93r Varmint. Both are great pieces of work with some great tips and advice for the budding gunsmith.

If you are a fan of cooking what you shoot, there’s a great recipe from me on a simple game chilli. I used Wiltshire roe venison, but this recipe could easily be adapted to feature virtually any game meat. If youu have any questions, leave them in the comments on the article.

There’s a number of review articles amassing on there which may be of interest to you including my review of the Kalibrgun Cricket, it’s started shooting even better since I’ve put a thousand or so pellets through it. There’s my review of the T20 lamping/spotlighting torch and the magnificent Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile ARC binoculars Edgar Brother sent me to check out.

All in all, a good start to the website, and we now have over 500 people signed up. Please recommend the website to your friends if you like what we are doing and share links on social media to articles you think should be enjoyed by more people. Thank you for the support from all our members on the website and on Facebook, we couldn’t do anything without your help and there would be nobody to do all this for. It is our mission to make sure you receive the best experience possible, our ability to provide that depends on getting more users.

We will never charge you a penny for use of the website, you can help us to fund the running and development very easily though. If you are going to buy a product on Amazon, any product, go to Amazon via our website and then use as normal. We will receive affiliate income from them at no cost to you at all. You can also help by buying products and booking guided hunting trips via our site, we are working to negotiate discounts with dealers and hunting outfitters for our members. Keep an eye out for some great deals!

Hope you enjoy the website, this is barely a glimpse of what’s in store for you!

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