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James Rooke Discussion started by James Rooke 2 years ago
This is just my own experience of a number of forums that you get alot of re-occurring questions, i hope this serves to answer some of them. corrections are always welcome unless they are around grammar in which case bugger off 

1. what pellets should i use?

This is a very common question and unfortunately people can only give you general indications (JSB, AA Fields, Bisley magnums) remember every barrel reacts differently to pellets and that varies from rifle to rifle not just model to model, so whilst your ultra may shoot poorly with fields someone else may be shooting HFT with them and be bang on. best thing yo can do is join the pellet exchange on Facebook or go on eBay and get yourself a pellet tester pack, and begin the laborious task of testing all the pellets in your rifle to see what works best. if they say spitfire or Prometheus on the pack set them down on the floor and walk away if you leave them on the floor long enough they still have more chance of hitting your target than putting them in your rifle

2. What is best .177 or .22?

This is the best way to divide an groups from a happy group of chaps to a spitting bag of vipers, there is a basic difference .177 has a flatter trajectory making distance and elevation abit more forgiving, and .22 should have abit more punch when it gets to its target. now this is a matter of preference for alot of people and you could weight the differences until the cows come home but ultimately its what suits you a shooter

3. what scope is should buy?

another really common one and this is like asking someone to pick our your glasses for you, scopes and their eye relief vary wildly from person to person, so much so that a scope that is crystal clear for one will look like staring through Vaseline for another, you have to to try scopes in person and see what you like, i know its annoying but unless you do you will never know what your eye suits best

4. what rifle should i buy/ whats the best rifle?

This is a another question designed to rip apart families and groups (like if you found out your kid was a vegetarian). the simple answer is when is comes to PCP rifles accuracy will not vary wildly for your average shooter and you MUST hold the rifle and shoulder it to see what suit you best, everyone holds a rifle differently and what suits me wont suit you, all shops will let you handle them and some even have a range where you can fire one to get a feel for it, if you are a member of a range and you see something you like ask the owner if you can have a cheeky try, people in our community are an open and friendly lot and i would always let someone have a go on my rifle (even if its just to show off how awesome it is)

5. can i fill my rifle with oxygen?

no you will die

6. what lube should i use?

any non silicon based one is fine it should contain VP90, something like Napier is always good

7. what oil should i use on my stock?

i use walnut oil but beeswax is also good, it will take alot of elbow grease and work for it to shine like the diamond you know it to be

ill probably add some more later but comments are welcome so far
Jonny Ellsmore
Jonny Ellsmore Ha ha, we should have an FAQ article on the emagazine 2 years ago
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