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*****Special Sale*****

For a limited time our POI - Point of Impact window decals have had the price slashed to $5.00 each. That's just above cost. The little profit we do make goes right back into POI. So for $5.00 you not only are getting a unique decal you are also helping keep the groups and website alive. It also pays for some of the goodies we provide during promotions.

So please show your loyalty to POI by buying a decal at a first rate price. Below are the two web address' to the eBay sales.

We would like to thank all of you who purchase a decal or two a big thank you in advance.

Click on the image

Sponsored by P&A Legacy Products

Located in San Antonio, Tx., P & A Legacy Products, a Mom and Pop business completes a host of items. Restoration or Refurbisment of gun furniture, custom knife handles to order and paracord designs of your choice. Just a friendly reminder to look over our current inventory or our services. Look over our unique Paracord designs that you most likely won't find anywhere else. Very popular in your team colors. Price breaks for teams spirit bracelets. Look over our before and after pictures and customer testimonial. We constantly scour gun shows, estate sales and flea markets for those unique items that we feel fit into our product line.






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