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Point of Impact is a new e-magazine and forum website brought to you by the admin team of the LRRS discussion groups on Facebook. The groups have been extremely successful and are an absolute pleasure to run. We have some fantastic members who share stories and photos, discuss topics and answer the questions people ask to develop their shooting. Young and old, new and experienced all enjoy sharing their passion for shooting.

With the groups becoming so big, we feel that it’s time to take a step forward in our journey, Point of Impact is the next stage in our evolution. We feel that through the website, we will be able to offer shooters much more than we can presently on Facebook. We will be able to bring great authors, photographers and film makers on board to produce an e-magazine unrivalled in its content. We will bring you articles and videos from across the world. We will have a forum to allow us to help make accessing posts on a topic you are looking for much easier, and prevent valuable information being burried.

We have chosen the name Point of Impact because it encompasses all shooting sports from centrefire rifles, to blackpowder, to air rifles and rimfires. It doesn’t have to stop there either, archery will come in in the future, slingshots and primitive weapons may feature. We are in the foetal stages of building the greatest shooting website on the net. I had a vision for Long Range Rimfire Shooting and saw it realised. I’ve had a dream about this and I will not stop until it is realised.

I’d like to thank all our members for all their support in this journey and I hope you will continue the journey with us. You guys make all of this possible and we would be nothing without great members. Please support us how you can by raising awareness, share links to our articles and forums and get your friends involved. You will not be charged a penny for this e-magazine and forum, we are run for the benefit of our members.

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