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As an air gunner starting off into the sport I shopped around for ideas as to what to buy when it came to camouflage clothing for hunting. During this search I came across many differing opinions on the matter.

People seem to bounce back and forth between opinions on wearing just dark clothing, full camo clothing or nothing to camouflage them at all. Personally I find that the more cammo, the better! I believe that the more adept at bushcraft and concealment you can be, the better your hunting experience will be. Also if you can get into a habit of concealing yourself it's easily transferable into other forms of stalking.

Although camouflage may not seem as important when using rimfire/centrefire rifles at long range, for the air gunner, I believe it is key to a good hunt. Rabbits especially are designed to be skittish and are easily spooked by even the slightest whiff or sighting of you as you crawl up on your belly to take your shot. Using a springer I have found camo very useful in my hunts as it reduces the possibility of being spotted slightly, especially if you are on the larger side like I am.

So, you have heard my opinion on this matter, let's have a look at someone else's! 

I took to Facebook and asked Davy Thomas from VerminHuntersTV his opinion and here what he said;

"Night shooting no,just dark clothing.

I don't usually wear camo,when shooting.

But I have worn it in the past,and find the best camo is the German fleck camo,just blends into every one of my permissions.

For close range static/rabbits & pigeon shooting I think it is a must, from head to toe face vail and gloves,you don't want your quarry seeing those pinky whites, lol.

And you want to blend in to your permission/background, as best as you can.

However there are certain permissions,where I would need a leaf suit to blend in,so really it will depend on your permission.
hide shooting I don't see the need for total camo, a face vail & Gloves will be adequate.

Rat shooting absolutely not, no need!

Technique for me is about moving slow, and the feel of a breeze in your face and learning about your chosen quarry.

Rabbits: look for the obvious signs, warrens fresh droppings, a grazing area will not be to far from a warren, it stands out like a sore thumb!

Rats: pretty much the same as rabbits, minus the grazing, but where there is a food source, you will probably find a rat.

Birds: Apart from the obvious, flight lines, fresh faeces on branches, food source/berries depending on the bird.

But your most important,weapon in the field (apart from the obvious) is patience! 100%"

So there we have it, a little pearl of wisdom from another airgun enthusiast and YouTuber.

 The question is now, what do you think? What camo do you use if any at all? 

Leave your comments below!


Thanks to Davy Thomas from VerminHuntersTV for his input in this article!

Connor Cross

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