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The season begins. March 15- 25

IMG 1810

This year It's me and the dog , Likely will spend more trips with family and friends.

Now I'm officilly retired so I can take my time.


Tulelake area on a friends horseranch and a couple cattle ranches and som efarm fields

Weather This time of year is Very cold often unstable and windy.

Gophers do not like it real cold or windy or cloudy.

What I took

I took Ruger american 22lr with Hawke 4-16x44 Varmint SF

The 4-16 is not availableanymore but the 3-12 is similar


Ruger 10-22 Hogue stock and Green mountian barrel with Primary arms 4-16x44

Ruger 10-22 Boyds thumb hole stock Elysium barrel and Primary arms 4-14x44 FFP scope

Savage 93R17 with Thumb hole stock and Primary Arms 4-16x44 Scope


While I took more guns, these are what I shot with and they worked flawlesly

I often use a Caldwell matrix  and a Caldwell stable table ,  this time I used only my Tripod.



Ammo I shot about 100 Minimags and about 500 Golden bullets.

I shot about 200 CCI A17 and 100 Hornady Vmas 17gr

Had a bunch of other ammo with me and shot some but mostly the ones listed above.


Here is a Video of the conditions 

And here is the shootign

The Gun Camera is ATN


and another video of the Shooting I only videoed the 22LR because the Gun camera is only 6x and shooting 17 at well over 100 yards makes the videos hard to use.

I plan to shoot in April May and June

I'll upidate this on each trip.

 April 23 Weekend  Very good hunting 

May 19- 23 Week  Very good hunting 




 IMG 0596




0 #1 Super User 2017-03-30 05:33
I'm planing for April put some dates out there

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