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I started what is now known as Point of Impact TV a couple of years ago under the name Long Range Rimfire Shooting and as well as being obsessive about stretching the limits of the 17 HMR and 22lr, I have branched out in to centerfire and gone back to the good old air rifle a bit. This article is a bit about what we've done this year and what my plans are now and in to the new year and before I forget, go to YouTube and subscribe! If you're reading this via Facebook, subscribe to the website too :D doing both these things helps us a lot.

Link below!

I have been making a lot of 'Varminting videos' this year, which is basically controlling vermin at extended ranges with centerfire rifles, in particular I have been enjoying the 17 Hornet and stretching it out to 350+ yards with excellent success. The .243 has been shining also taking kills out to 543 yards with a headshot on this particular bunny (a bit of luck involved) and several other bunnies at 400+ with it. I've been joined by Elliott from Trigger Pull TV in my varminting outings and for some plinking videos with his .223 and .22 Hornet. We've also been stretching it out with the rimfires on film, Elliott takes a pair of rabbits back to back at 184 and 185 yards respectively on film with his trusty CZ 452 and Eley subsonic hollowpoints.

The 17 Hornet is my favourite new addition to the cabinet and is really earning its keep when I can find the reloading components for it. I like the 25 grain V-Max for their superior ballistics as opposed to the 20 grain V-Max, the rabbits don't like them one bit as you can see in the video below. Also read my article if you would like to know more about this fantastic new calibre!

As well as the 17 Hornet, I've been stretching the legs out on my .243, having found a fantastic load for it which groups 1 hole at 100 yards and has an extreme spread of 9fps! This rifle has taken vermin out at ranges beyond 500 yards and has been an excellent deer rifle this year too, claiming a roe doe and a fantastic fallow buck, unfortunately not on film. The footage I have taken of my .243 has been condensed in to a compilation video below along with the footage of Elliott with his .223.

We've been out thinning out the rabbits with the rimfires this year a lot, both on and off camera! We've got some cracking footage of rabbits approaching 200 yards with the 22lr and one over 200 with a headshot with the 17 HMR! I wish we could capture all the hunts on film, but there's literally too many rabbits and we need to keep them under control effectively, the camera kind of gets in the way a bit. Check out my CZ Rimfire Review Article below...

I've just begun 3 series which are ongoing, a reloading series, Ruger 10/22 build series and a series of equipment review videos.


Ruger 10/22 Build

Calibre Innovations Moderator Review

 Not a great deal of footage this year for the air rifle enthusiast on the POI channel, but POI Air Rifle Shooting admin Danny Easter has been making some fantastic scope cam videos with his Weihrauch HW100 and captured some epic long shots. His article on long range sub 12ftlbs air rifle shooting '70 is the New 50' can be found via the link below.


There's also my recent trips to Montana footage and lots of footage coming in the next couple of weeks. I embark for Montana on Friday this week! Going to make some 10/22 build videos and get out slaying varmints in the snow again!


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