Vermin & Varmint Hunting

Montana Varmint Extravaganza

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Day 1 18th December

Arrived to a relatively cold weather (by English standards) in Great Falls Montana, got picked up by Ty and we headed for Chinese food!

After we fed and watered we headed to Ty's in Conrad, MT and started getting prepped for filming some spotlighting with the rimfires.

We then went out spotlighting in the evening, early by Ty's standards. We shot a dozen Jackrabbits and saw what looked like a coyote well beyond our effective range.



Ground Squirrels

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The california groundsquirrel is a rodent. It is a Native species.  When the ground squirrel isin a antural unimporved habitat theri nmbers are held in check by predators and food availability.

In agricultural settings the cultivation of crops provides a virtual infinite supply of food and the Population grows to accomodate teh crop, more food more squirrels.  Squirrels are accused of consuming up to 47% of the  first cut of alfalfa.

Ground squirrels are the numberone Plauge vector in the areas they inhabit. Both Bubonic and Pneumonic plague incidents are regularly reported.

The Ground squirrel createds deep burrow systems with vertical holes these are dangerous for Cattle and stock.

In urban environments ground squirrels can burrow through clay caps used to seal landfills and prevent water based leechate pollution.


Shooting , Poison, trapping, chemical birth control, Non toxic pesticids.

Poison's are regulated and in some areas the Poison moves up thef ood chain damaging predators and scavengers.


Shooting results in the humane dispatch of large numbers of squirrels.  The animal is quite small and does not seem to accumulate lead when shot. (like to see some lab tests to verify)  but even expanding ammuntition seems to fully penetrate the carcass.


 Trappign is expensive labor intensive and Cruel Long slow death..

Shooting experiences.



Rimfire  22/17 HM2 HMR WSM

Center fire

223 , 22-250 , 204 Lots of others.


0-50 Air pellet , Rimfire handgun others

50-125 22lr 17HM2

100-250 17HMR 17WSM 223 Others.

200-500 204 Ruger , 22-250


Forthe 22lr I like a 4-16 but 3-9 works too.


Stands / wagons





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