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17th October 2015


Well this evening, I went out for a final chance on the last stag; I lay in wait, not much of a stalk but very exciting all the same. As dusk fell the stags were everywhere!! Its quite spooky lying in the deep heather with just your thoughts as company as darkness falls. The bellowing of stags in all directions, I had my eyes on one particular fella. He came down the hill and had settled in some rashes 300 yards away with his hinds. They eventually moved down the hill at a run to about 600 yards; 5 minutes passed and they came trotting back towards my right hand side down below where I was lying. Unfortunately they ran out of sight behind a hill about 180 yards below me, at this point a younger 6 pointer came down the hill at a full gallop!!! He was heading places he was. He came to a stop 120 yards away facing me straight on so I settled the cross hairs on his neck and squeezed the trigger followed by the suppressed boom of the 308.




I clean missed and he took off with some speed under him ......LUCKY BOY!! as he ran down the hill he was met with the hinds I had just seen coming back into view. The shot had spooked them and they had done 180 deg turn and were coming back......closely followed by the target stag I had been watching. I roared at the stag and he stopped, looking up the hill in my direction. His curiosity was to much and he trotted towards me and stopped looking giving me just enough of a target at 150 yards. I fired again making sure not to miss this time and he dropped on the spot. A brilliant stag to take and an old fella to. Nice big head and heavy bodied. I collected him at first light and dressed him for the dealer, Its been a brilliant season on the stags.



By Jamie Sawyer


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