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Game meat is not a common occupancy on most diet plans, however they are forever advising lean meat. Well as I am In a constant fight with dieting I found it good to do some research into game meats and their calorie content etc here is what I found...

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Less fat more meat:

Ah fat, the constant and ever present curse to the everyone, we spend hours trying to find food which is low in saturated fats and most stuff you will buy from the supermarkets is packed with it! Due to the life style of game whether it be grouse, deer or rabbit I have found that the meat on these animals contains considerably less fat on than their processed alternatives. There are a couple of reasons for this, one is that they have a balanced and natural diet which gives the meat a wonderful balance of flavour. The second is that they are always active, unlike the domesticated alternatives who are unfortunately stuck in pens doing very little with their time other than eating grain (which adds fat!) the active nature of the animals leaves little room for fat to build and they mostly preduce good lean meat with very little fat content.

More healthy vitamins and minerals

The humble deer or rabbit is packed with valuable minerals such as Iron and Zinc. Eating meat which is rich in zinc is essential for maintaining a healthy and strong immune system, and iron. The extra iron contained in the meat is vital to preventing iron deficiency anemia in some cases!

Mmm tastes good!

More than anything else, it's really the taste that gets you! Game meat is so versatile to cook with, there are thousands of recipes which can be made using game meat and might i add some off the best meals I've ever eaten where from the game larder.

Let's talk calories...

How many calories is in a pound of venison you say? Well here are a few bits of info which might surprise you!

Venison - 136 calories per 4 oz

Rabbit - 129 calories per 4 oz

Grouse - 183 calories per 3.5 oz

Pheasant - 150 calories per 4 oz

Wood pigeon - 135 per breast

Squirrel - 173 calories per 3.5 oz

As you can see the calories speak for themselves, the low calorie options which game meat offers you are astonishing. Bearing in mind that the meat barely contains any fat at all and are good solid lean cuts of meat.

It's expensive and difficult to buy!

True, I think not. Most decent butchers will point you in the direction of a good cut of game whatever it may be and most of the time you will pay a good price for it. If you have the sense and drive to do it you can go out and harvest your very own game meat in the form of shooting. I have had a good few meals which have gone from field to table in less than 24 hours. The benefit of doing this as well as a challenge is knowing where your food has come from.

A trusty air rifle, a permission to shoot on and a good aim will bag you a bunny for the table most times of the year. (See my rabbit stalking post) it's cheap and very satisfying!

Next time you are thinking of grabbing a ready meal from the supermarket, have a think and try a venison steak for a change, you never know, you might like it!

Happy hunting!

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