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I shot a lovely late season Roe Doe in Wiltshire with a gamekeeper friend at the weekend, she was in great condition and had a good amount of meat on her for a roe. I drove her the 290 miles or so home and skinned and jointed the carcass on Sunday in the garage suspended from an old boxing bag bracket on the wall. I froze a lot of the meat but brought a front leg up to the fridge to cook today, I was thinking of doing a stew or something similar when I remembered how much I liked my American friend Ty's mule deer venison chilli last year. I decided to do a chilli and the first order of business was to debone the meat and dice it fairly small.

IMG 4244

The remaining scraps on the bone will serve as fox/crow bait this week.


IMG 4245

Here it is cut in to small cubes, there's about 2lbs/1kg of meat here

IMG 4246

I didn't make any special plans for this chilli, I just made it with what was in the house.

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- About 1kg of venison leg or any other meat you like

- 4 medium onions coarsly chopped (I did 2 red and 2 white, red onions add sweetness and colour, white are stronger flavoured)

- About 5 cloves of garlic (some may want more, some less)

- 2-4 celery sticks (optional, but adds to the flavour and texture)

- 160 g of tomato puree or a couple of tins of chopped tomatoes

- 2 tins of red kidney beans or any other beans/pulses you like (optional)

- 1 vegetable and 1 beef stock cube

- 2 glasses of wine (red or dry medium-dry white)

- 1-2tsp of chilli powder/flakes

- 5 tsp of paprika (regular or smoked)

- 3 tsp of cumin

- 2 tsp of coriander

- 2 tsp of oregano

- 1 tsp of thyme

- salt to taste

- pepper to taste

- 2-4 tbsp of oil to fry meat

- 75-100g/3-4 oz of rice per person (chilli serves approximately 4-6 persons)

Step one, chop and prep everthing, then get a pan of oil very hot. Add the venison cubes without seasoning initially and do not move it for a while. Let the meat sizzle and caramelise on the bottom. Salt, movement and low pan temperature will all hinder you getting some good caramelisation on the meat. After a couple of minutes toss the meat around and cook for a further couple of minutes.

IMG 4251

At this point add the garlic spices and the coarsely chopped onion and fry some more, be careful not to scorch anything. Then add the celery (diced), wine, stock cubes, water, tomato puree and anything else except the beans.

IMG 4253

Heat fairly strongly for the first few minutes to evaporate the bitter alcohol component of the wine and then turn down and simmer for as long as you like, at least 2 hours I would recommend. You could at this point transfer the mxture to a slow cooker or a casserole dish in the oven. When you feel you are almost done cooking the meat, add the beans for 20 minutes or so and let them take on some of the flavours in the sauce. If it starts getting a little dry, you can add more water.

IMG 4255

When you have reduced the chilli to the desired thickness and flavour, serve with rice, a baked potato or tortilla chips. You all know what you like to serve your chilli with, I kept mine simple to appreciate the meat. 

If anyone has any recipies they would like to share, leave your recipe in the comments box below.

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