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This is my no nonsense  tack driving gopher elimination tool.  When I go to the range I can call my shots and embarras a lot of other shooters. I have had people watch me shoot this gun and offer to pay me twice what I have invested in it. On the spot.

brandywall 002

TO start from scratch assuming you dont have anything at all

Receiver   you can purchase a complete carbine for $250-$300

Then purchase atarget barrel like this

2014g5702 032

Add the Hogue Stock $62.00

2014g5702 041

Trigger modification Volquartzen $35.00

Bipod Pick the one youlike

Scope Primary arms


Scope mountsVortex

Sling Allen

 All targets shot at 50 yards with normal ammunition. under 10 cents a round.

 Results IMG 0611





Always on the team P1000444



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