Build a Budget Tack Driver

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This is my no nonsense  tack driving gopher elimination tool.  When I go to the range I can call my shots and embarras a lot of other shooters. I have had people watch me shoot this gun and offer to pay me twice what I have invested in it. On the spot.

brandywall 002

TO start from scratch assuming you dont have anything at all

Receiver   you can purchase a complete carbine for $250-$300

Then purchase atarget barrel like this

2014g5702 032

Add the Hogue Stock $62.00

2014g5702 041

Trigger modification Volquartzen $35.00

Bipod Pick the one youlike

Scope Primary arms


Scope mountsVortex

Sling Allen

 All targets shot at 50 yards with normal ammunition. under 10 cents a round.

 Results IMG 0611





Always on the team P1000444



My simple stock build for a Savage MKII heavy barrel 22lr: Barrie Baynham

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I was at my local gun store one Saturday afternoon just browsing the racks of all the eye candy, when the owner “Brad” asked if there was anything I was interested in. Well, what a question, to which I replied “everything”. I was after a cheap .22lr to practice standing and prone competition shooting. I was just getting into it and didn’t want to invest heavily in a .22lr. I regularly shoot competition with a 22-250, but the .22 looked interesting.

Brad showed me a few .22’s in the 200-300 dollar range. I wanted something with a heavy barrel and chose the Savage MKII BV Heavy barrel with synthetic stock. This came in at $260CDN. It was a terrible stock, but I thought I would give it a try. The rifle shot amazingly well. After a couple boxes of ammo I was getting dime sized groups. The only thing letting the gun down was the stock. I looked at Boyds for another stock, but with shipping/taxes to Canada it turned out being a further $250CDN. Well I decided to build one. The following is a simple guide to build your own Stock.

I bought some Russian birch from Home Depot. It came in small sheets of 5’x3’ so I thought this would be enough to make two stocks. I cut the material into 3 sections and glued them together using a waterproof wood glue. I used clamps to press the boards together.

 stock 1

Now I had a good thick piece of wood to work with I cut the material into two pieces and proceeded to use the Savage stock as a template to draw around on the first piece. I made some personal changes to the design to make it ergonomically friendly to my shooting style.

This Ol' Rimfire by Isaac Carlson

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Most of the people reading this probably have an old rimfire from their dad or granddad that is older than the hills.  Maybe that old rifle will shoot and maybe it won't. 

This little rimfire was found at my local gun store for $50.  It is a 1924 Springfield 52-A. It was the oldest, dirtiest, and simplest gun they had.  I thought it would be a good project gun.  My son can have it when I am done with it, since it is light and points well.

 refinish rotatoro

10-22 Bolts

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Check out these two JWH Custom Bolt/Charging handle kits for a 10/22. JWH puts out top shelf products. The bolts are CNC cut and packed with custom features. Stay tuned for a complete video review and feature breakdown on these bolts on our Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe6C8lLxiFPCBkfvLkM01SQ


Like these? Their website is down right now but their Faebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/jwhcustombolts

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