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I started my hunt by walking around my industrial permission and it wasn't long before the first pests showed the pigeon was 35 yards away and on the edge of a roof top I lined up for a heart/lung shot i waited for a few seconds to compose my breathing and relax my heart beat, i gently squeezed the trigger and watched as the pellet hit home providing me with my first success. I quickly cycled another pellet and scanned for the second feral pigeon who was still sat on the roof

bemused by the motionless state of the other bird, I lined up the crosshairs again aiming for the vital area once composed I let the pellet go cleanly taking the pigeon through the heart once struck the pigeon tumbled from the roof hitting the floor beneath with a satisfying thud. I recovered the one bird and the other stayed on the roof, then set off on foot, looking for another opportunity. 



After 15 mins I was passing by two lorry trailers when out of the corner of my eye, a crow flew 20 yards in front of me and landed on the side of a building; I rested myself and the rifle between the lorry cab and the trailer and as i took aim a second crow landed at the side of its mate. I already had the crosshairs lined up on the first crows head, I slipped the safety catch took up the first stage and sent the .177 accupell pellet on its way at almost 800 feet-per-second, a solid crack confirmed I'd hit the intended spot and the crow crashed to the ground like a stone. I walked over and collected the third pest of the session and set off once again in pursuit of more avian quarry. 

corvid hunter 6

Walking up a ramp and on to some wasteland, I noticed two magpies in the trees ahead; I sneaked into range and waited for a shot to present itself, but on this occasion the two magpies took to the wing and didn't give me the opportunity I was looking for. I headed over to the other half of the 90 acre industrial site and ducked indoors, I noticed half a dozen feral pigeons flighting in through a open window; I took up a comfy position, leaning on a big pair of moveable steps; after a short wait, the first pigeon presented a shot sitting on a rafter 30 yards away, facing head on to me. Because of the steep angle to the shot i aimed half way up the neck and released my shot the pellet struck true and sent the bird to the ground with a thud. I decided to lay up in the same position and after 5 minutes a second pigeon came into the factory, similiar angle and position to the first engagement in this location, and the .177 pellet hit home giving me a double from that area.


After walking for around ten minutes, I crossed a foot bridge over the river and noticed a pair of woodpigeon in a tree beside the river bank, I was around 25 yards away; the crosshairs settled on the woodies head and the shot was on its way. The crack as the pellet met the skull confirmed the shot was perfectly placed and the woodie tumbled out of the tree, coming to rest 5 yards from the edge of the river, the other woodie took flight sharply and dissapeared from sight around the bend of the river.

I then strolled along the river in the opposite direction the woodpigeon flew off to safety. After a short while, the last shot of the day was on the cards, 40 yards away a crow was sunning itself and letting out the 'caw caw' we are all familiar with. This time, I rested the rifle on the back end of a cherry picker and took aim; with the extra distance and my zero being 30yards, I allowed a little holdover steadied my heart rate and with a squeeze of the trigger the crow proceded to nose dive to the ground; this brought an end to my session and left me very satisfied with my few hours shooting.

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corvid hunter

The Corvid Hunter's Urban Pest Sniping BSA R10 MKII .177 cal and MTC Viper 4-16x50



0 #1 Eric Werner 2016-03-17 03:25
Good story but a little difficult to read. Capitalization and punctuation usage is lacking. Maybe have someone else proof read before submitting your next article. BUT, a great hunt. Thanks!

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