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Hi folks,
One of my most common questions I receive is:

"What is it that you take when you go out for a night of shooting?"
Well let me show you what my kit bag consists of:

There are many types of rifles to choose from, if you are a beginner then my advice would be to start with a simple air rifle. I started with an old Diana model 97, cracking little break barrel and versatile for all small quarry. I believe that when people begin learning about shooting, it's great to start of with air power as there is an obvious risk factor with starting using more powerful rifles; as the saying goes, walk before you can run. Starting with an air rifle allows you to get used to handling a firearm safely and effectively, although you are handling a lower powered alternative to higher calibres I cannot highlight enough that it is a dangerous tool that should be used with the utmost caution and respect as they can do a lot of damage to people and property if misused; as well as this, there is a reason why people still LOVE to use air rifles to hunt with, it hones and polishes a persons skills in stalking and field craft, which I believe enriches the experience all the more!

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Of course if you have a bit more money to spend and fancy a smoother shooting experience then you can invest in a PCP rifle or Pre Charged Pneumatic in long form. These air rifles are highly accurate and have an excellent “point and shoot” charm to them, with very little if any kick they provide a shooter with smooth clean shooting over greater distance. With this rifle however you will need to purchase either a scuba tank to fill the air cylinder with air or a manual pump. These can be quite pricey however it shouldn't take anything away from the fact that the PCP is an excellent and effective tool for any shooter new or experienced.

My rifle of choice is my BSA Lightning XL SE break barrel, spring powered air rifle in .177. I use a rifle mounted scope to accurately kill my prey. I love this versatile rifle, BSA have a history of making fantastic rifles. being spring powered I never run out of puff half way through a hunt if I'm having a good day on the rabbits or pigeon! 

Ammo- well what is the the use of a rifle with no ammo, well... pellets in my case? I use Bisley Magnums or RWS Super Hollow points/Super Domes. The Bisley Magnums are a heavy pellet with a rounded point and have a very heavy impact when they strike home.

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Game bag- I always carry a game bag which I use to put my freshly shot dinner in to save me carrying it in my hands everywhere I go if I'm on a big permission.

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General kit:-
Knife for skinning and gutting
• Plastic gloves for well... Gutting
• Twine
• First aid kit
• Spare pellets
• Water
• Coffee/tea
• Torch
• Spare knife
• Cammo hat, gloves, jacket and trousers
Targets for zeroing
Range finder
• Pins to stick targets up
• Notepad and pen
• Lighter/matches
• Cammo netting for hides
• Pellet pouch
• Snack bars

So there we have it folks, a simple list of what I take with me on my hunting trips. Any further questions about my kit list feel free to leave a question for me!
Happy hunting!

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