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Night Scout T20 Hunting Torch/Lamping Kit

The Night Scout T20 is an incredibly good value for money product brought to you by a company that specialises in night hunting equipment and accessories. The torch is made of aluminium alloy and is of excellent construction quality. The fit and finish of the torch are fantastic, you would be tested to say what the differences were between this product and torches much higher in price.

The spotting capability of this torch is excellent with it picking up eye shine from foxes and rabbits beyond 200 yards on a clear night. I was out hunting foxes in Devon the other week using the NiteSite Eagle, and the Night Scout T20 red version was a great partner to it for picking out the eye shine without spooking the foxes, we could get some excellent eye shine from foxes out to 300 yards I’d estimate, but it is by no means a torch you can shoot that far with in my opinion.

Shooting capability wise, the torch is good out to 100 yards on a very dark night and useable out to 50 yards on a starry night. This torch is ideal for pest controllers looking to shoot vermin out to the aforementioned ranges with air rifles and rimfires, anyone looking to shoot much further would need to invest in a larger torch in the Night Scout range. The entire range is very well priced and the customer service from this small company is excellent.

When using the IR torches with night vision, you can get out to much greater ranges because the camera is much more sensitive than our eyes. I have used my IR Night Scout T20 to shoot rabbits out to 130 yards using my 22 rimfire  and DIY Night Vision UK night vision kit, and can pick up eye shine at ranges of over 200 yards

Purchasing options include buying the torches in white, green, red and infrared with the option to switch out the pill style LED’s to allow you to buy one torch and use it in any colour to keep one step ahead of the lamp shy vermin or as the perfect partner to your night vision. You can buy the torches as a kit including a battery, a battery charger, a tail switch and of course the illuminator itself for just £38, bargain!

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