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I picked up some Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile ARC 10x42 range finding binoculars from Edgar Brothers to test and evaluate. In this article I hope to share my experience of this fantastic product with you guys. I want to say first of all, that I am not employed by Edgar Brothers of Bushnell, so have absolute freedom to critique this product as I see fit. I will give you my honest opinion, in this review.



Unboxing and first thoughts

When I opened the box, I found the binoculars inside a well-made protective case made from some kind of hard wearing polymer, the case features a handy magnetic fastening that holds the case closed, but they can be taken out in a rush even with gloves on. They came with some Butler Creek flip up scope caps for the objective lenses and a nice rubber one piece cover for the occular lenses, there was also a padded neck strap to hang them comfortably around your neck and of course, an instruction manual.

The features

These are no mere pair of binoculars, although they do serve that function incredibly well with crystal clear glass. The ‘Fusion’ part of the name refers to the hybrid nature of this product, they are a pair of binoculars with cutting edge range finding technology in them to give you precise data to help you achieve your desired point of impact. These binoculars can range find distances out to 1 mile (1760 yards/1600m).They have an intelligent rangefinding capability called angle range compensation (ARC) and can give you a true horizontal distance which will allow you to dial a shoot to range, it can give you holdover information to 199 inches and is programmable to your calibre and sight in distance.

The range finder settings can be adjusted to automatic scan, bullseye and brush modes, this will allow you to change the sensitivity of the product to range find a target face or a range to a tree line. The matrix display technology employed by this product allows you to get a range read out in all lighting conditions making them ideal for dawn and dusk hunting as well as taking extended shots at night under the lamp. The battery for the rangefinder lasts a long time, I have been using these binoculars since late May 2015 and now in late August 2015, the battery is still going. Should the battery run out at any time, it’s simple and easy to replace with a finger tightened cap, not tools are required.

The lenses are coated in a phase corrective coating to give an excellent clarity and outstanding resolution. The lenses are coated with a water repellent coating called RainGuard® HD which helps to prevent fogging of the lenses, so you can use them easily in any weather conditions. If you are shooting in dusty conditions like I was when I took them out shooting gophers in the great US State of Montana, you can replace the occular lens covers and Butler Creek flip up caps to keep your lenses crystal clear. I can’t praise this product enough and I would say it justifies its RRP of £1050 in the UK and $1669.46 in the USA. Uttings in the UK are doing this product at a discounted price of £849.99 and Optics Planet are doing it at $949. There’s also an option of getting an 8x40 or 12x50 version, so you can choose the size that suits you best.

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