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Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30 Thermal Spotter

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Pulsar Quantum

Wow, just wow! Thermal spotting units are absolutely life-changing in the world of vermin control and predator hunting. I can also see them being a fantastic asset in the world of deer stalking in locating deer in thick foliage and following blood trails of runners. Anything that you need to know that is not in the video, feel free to drop me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you are interested in finding out more about thermal optics, check out www.scottcountry.co.uk

ATN X-Sight II Field Test Review

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The ATN X-Sight II is an excellent piece of kit for night hunting, it is very easy to operate and has very few flaws, which you would expect from an optic in its price bracket. A big thanks goes to Paul at Scott Country for supplying the test unit.

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The main positives for me are:

- Effective range easily covers the practical ranges you are going to be able to safely shoot at night (250 yards comfortably)

- One shot zero system, makes zeroing pretty effortless although 1 shot is only going to get you somewhere near in reality

- Picture quality is very good day and night and you can record the footage with ease

- The X-Sight is very easy to operate with very user friendly menus

- Battery life is very good with high quality Lithium of rechargeable batteries

- Lots of fancy tech for those who are interested in geotagging and streaming via Wi-FI

- Minimal tools needed to operate: 12mm spanner, allen keys and a coin for the Micro SD slot cover

- Excellent quality to mid zoom range


The main draw backs:

- Perfect eye relief is difficult to achieve without the use of an extended rail to allow you to mount it closer to your eye

- The unit takes some time to load up, but that's not an issue when you leave it running

- On high light sensitivity mode the frame rate is slow, but medium light sensitivity mode is absolutely fine

- Very grainy picture on the highest magnification (digital zoom)


The X-Sight II overall is a very good piece of kit and you would not regret choosing it as your night vision or day/night optic. I trialled it on my .243 and for the life of me could not track down a fox on what is normally a very productive spot, so instead took a 180 yard headshot on a rabbit to demonstrate it's capabilities. The ATN X-Sight also saw action on my 17 HMR whacking some bunnies, I initially made a bit of an error in the recording, thinking the recoil activated recording was automatic, I soon realised my error and caught some footage. I've shown some long range and short range hits and misses, shooting off sticks is a challenge, but the ground has been very wet. Enjoy the video and feel free to ask if you have any questions I've not answered.



Go to www.scottcountry.co.uk for more information and to look at their impressive range of night vision products.


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A thorough review of a first generation Swarovski Z6 scope




swarovski fig 1Fig 1. Swarovski Z6 2.5 X 15 X 44 (Image used is from the Swillington Shooting supplies website).




A  brief   history of Swarovski


Swarovski of Austria is amongst some of the world's top-end manufacturers of hunting and sporting optics and arguably the best makers of crystal glass



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