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When it comes to night vision, your requirements and needs will firstly depend upon the range you intend to shoot using night vision and how much day shooting and night shooting you do. If you are primarily a night shooter that only uses one rifle to do so, my recommendation would be to get a dedicated night scope or day/night scope like a Yukon Photon or an ATN X-Sight for example. However, if you are like most of us who use more than one rifle and you do a lot of day and night shooting, what you need is an day scope night vision add on. I will use my air rifles, rimfires and centerfires at night and want to be able to switch between the two.


For me, the Nitesite is the most user-friendly night vision kit you can buy; it is so easy to fit and takes a matter of a minute or two to set up and you're off night shooting. The Nitesite range includes the Nitesite Viper which is aimed at the air rifle and rimfire market that provides you with sufficient illumination for 100m/110 yard shooting and eyeshine much further, the middle model, the Wolf gives you 300 metres/330 yards' view on your quarry and will be sufficient for the needs of most night shooters; if the Wolf isn't enough for you you can go to the top of the range Eagle which will allow you to see varmints to 500m/550 yards. There are many other add on night vision kits you can buy, most are either two expensive or have lots of buttons and wires. The Nitesite will go on any scope with ease, I have used it on a Nikko Stirling Nighteater 6-24x56, Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 6-24x56, Hawke Varmint SF 3-12x44, BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40, MTC Mamba 4-16x50 and a MTC Viper 10x44.


The Nitesite Eagle was the model I got to test via Cheshire Gun Room (click the banner at the side of the page), I was very impressed with it and it has seen action on bunnies in the UK and jackrabbits in the US. I took it primarily for coyote hunting in the USA, however we were unlucky on the coyotes. Check out my video to see some footage of the Nitesite in action in Montana, USA and in North Yorkshire, UK. The video also shows you how easy the unit is to set up and my thoughts on the Nitesite. Please bear in mind that the footage is low resolution due to the Angel Eyes DVR unit. The picture is great on the Nitesite LCD screen.



IMG 4349

Rabbit turned in to fox bait with the .243

IMG 3681

Unlucky fox







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