CZ 452/455 22lr Review and Customisation

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The first rifle I bought when I got my FAC through a few years ago was a CZ 452 Silhouette with a 20” barrel, if I was to go back in time, I would likely purchase a 16” barrel version. This rifle has served me very well over the years and has sent a lot of vermin to heaven with a Winchester Super X 40 grain hollow-point at ranges out to as far as 214 yards (extreme I know), but I normally limit my shots to 150 yards. It has been used on targets out to 300 yards and it performs exceptionally well for the price point, I would like to see what the extra money buys you in terms of performance when you opt for an Anschutz or Sako 22lr. My advice to anyone would be to get a CZ and in this article I will explain why I love my humble CZ so much.



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