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It's always a tricky decision choosing any shooting/hunting equipment including scopes, rifles, moderators, rangefinders, knives... the list goes on.

I find that setting yourself a list of criteria and listening to people in the know can help, often people just make a purchase based on what their mate has or what someone on YouTube or Facebook has. For me, the way I decide is I set criteria, the example in point being a centerfire moderator. I think, what do I want from this?  5 variables immediately come to mind; number one is sound reduction. If it doesn't reduce the sound to a satisfactory level I am not going to buy it, the level of sound suppression required may vary, but I want as much as possible without the weight or length making it ungainly. The weight and length are also key factors, I should really say, the length it adds to my rifle; another major factor is how easily serviced it is, if I can’t strip it easy and replace worn parts, it isn’t going last long enough. The fifth consideration is, how versatile is it? Can I use it on a range of calibres and rifles? I suppose I might add a sixth consideration, and that is ‘Does my gun look sexy with it on?’.

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I have looked at a range of moderators and read lots of reviews, there are a lot of lightweight, small, end-of-barrel moderators, but this compact size comes at the expense of poorer sound reduction. Some of these moderators will reduce the noise to a borderline-comfortable level, but not enough for me.



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